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Editing applications usually have features that are only related to editing. They don’t allow users to have a proper profile on it or search for any content. However, the VSCO application does it differently. It’s not a social media application but contains similar features.


It allows users to create profiles it and connect with each other. Users utilize its VSCO Search feature in order to do that. They can search for other accounts with this feature. They can also discover several other things like hashtags and images. In this article, we will provide an ultimate guide to VSCO Search. So, let’s start.


Before learning about the VSCO Search feature, let’s look at what VSCO itself is. It is simply a picture editing application. You can use it both on mobile phones and desktops. It works just like other editing apps. This means that you get to open pictures on it and edit them. You can use different types of editing tools in order to make your required changes in the pictures.


What makes this app different from other editing apps is its community-building features. This means that it works as a social media application as well. So, every social media/editing app requires a search feature where users can find their required content. That’s what VSCO Search is. Let’s learn more about it.


VSCO Search is a simple yet important feature of the VSCO application. That is because is usage and working method is very simple. However, its purpose is very big. It allows users to explore all the content and profiles on VSCO.


The basic reason why people like to explore this app is to get inspiration. Editing pictures is all about inspiration. You always need to connect with new people to get new ideas. In the same way, you have to constantly keep on sharing yours.


Photo editing apps that work as a social media platform are rare. VSCO is one of these applications. With its search feature, finding images and profiles becomes easier.


That’s how VSCO Search helps build community on this application.

Again, it’s very simple. You can do 3 basic things with VSCO Search:

  • Find people
  • Find images
  • Find journals

Let’s discuss their details.

Finding People:

As mentioned already, there are a lot of profiles on VSCO. You can search for them using this feature. All you have to do is enter the username to find them. You can also enter relevant keywords to get your required profile search results.

You will get to know more about it when we discuss its usage method a little later in this blog post.

Finding Images:

Secondly, you can find thousands of images on VSCO with this feature. These pictures are of different nature. Some are memories and some are editing inspirations.

Finding Journals:

You can find journals through VSCO Search as well. A journal on VSCO is a combination of images and texts. It can contain different things. For example, if you visit a place, you can add its pictures and explain them in your journal. Well, this feature isn’t available anymore, which means that you can’t create a new journal now. However, people’s old journals are still available. You can search for them and enjoy reading.

The usage method of VSCO Search is very simple. In fact, it’s just like using the search feature on any other application. Let’s see how you can use it.

On Desktop:

If you use this app on a desktop, follow these guidelines:

  • Open the official website ( of this app.
  • On the bottom left of the user interface, you can find the “Search” option.
  • Now, you can search for anything on this app. You have to enter a relevant keyword in the search section for that.
  • You can click on the “People”, “Images”, and “Journal” options to get your required results.

On mobile:

Using the VSCO Search on the mobile app is very easy. Here are the guidelines:

  • On the homepage, you can see a globe icon. Click on this icon.
  • After that, you can enter the keyword just like we’ve discussed already.
  • You will get different results according to your entered term.

You can find images, profiles, and journals on the mobile app as well. You just have to click on them like we discussed in the desktop method.

Using VSCO Search can be beneficial for you in different ways. Here are some key points that can help you understand it:

  • You can discover inspirational ideas that can help you with your editing journey.
  • You can follow the profiles that you like to build a community.
  • It allows you to find specific types of images and journals through keywords.
  • All the content you’re going to get in the results is safe and appropriate.

The Final Lines

The VSCO Search is a very useful feature of the infamous VSCO application. It is designed to help users find their required pieces of content. They can find profiles, images, and journals with the help of this feature.
Its usage method is very simple. It’s similar for the desktop and the mobile app version. We have discussed it in detail in the information given above. Although the guidelines are very obvious, follow them carefully to avoid any inconvenience. We have also discussed some benefits of this feature above.

Is creating a profile on VSCO free?

Yes. Creating a profile on VSCO is completely free.

Can I search for hashtags on VSCO Search?

Yes. You can search for hashtags on VSCO Search as well.

Can I find private profiles through this feature?

You may not be able to find any private profiles on VSCO.

Is it possible to follow a profile on this app?

Yes. This app gives you the feature of following other profiles.

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